Where to Travel in NEW ZEALAND and NZ Travel Itinerary Tips

DISCLAIMER (or not): This post might escalate an urge to immediately book your flights and get packing. So, before we proceed with a compelling post about this mind blowing Itinerary of Southland New Zealand, here are the other posts from our tried and “tasted” New Zealand Series for your reference to come back to once you are convinced enough and have already started picturing yourself with that glass of red and cozying up to the beauty of the place or already plunging off of a bridge in the middle earth: GOOD LUCK!

Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand on every level is one of the most spectacular places on earth and we feel thoroughly grateful for being able to  have experienced that. Most part of the country is untouched and pristine in all it’s natural glory. From sun bouncing off the white glaciers to wild lupines covering the valley like Persian carpets. Not to mention all the delicious wines from numerous vineyards to choose from and each one with their own distinct flavours by region and age. People of New Zealand are by now very familiar with tourists so it is not a surprise that at all times they are warm, friendly and assuring of the fact that you  will have the best time there.

With all that said; stunning landscape, fun and adventurous activities, amazing restaurants and wine culture has qualified New Zealand as one of the places that is fun and romantic at the same time, for families and honeymooners alike. If just lazing around by the beach or island getaways are not your ideal vacation to spend quality time with each other, then this isolated, a long flight away from most places around the world with maybe multiple stopovers along the route, will still be your best call and every bit worth it.

We were in South New Zealand for good 12 days and drove around the southern part of the South Island by following a route. We made multiple stops to explore quaint towns and breathtaking landscapes along the way. It’s surprising how many lakes we came across on our route and each one of them is different and beautiful in their own way. With the sky exploding into a different shade with the time of the day and water switching from turquoise blue to a sapphire right before our eyes as the sun plays pee-ka-boo. It was all surreal and yet after twelve long days in this magic land we are left craving for more.

  • As for our accommodation, we had booked a couple of our stays through Airbnb and  at other short stay apartments, accordingly.
  • Food was never an issue for us as we found some great restaurants along the way and in the towns. We stuck by those for a while and they also had many vegetarian options within their menu if and when we wanted.
  • I have realised renting a comfortable car is the key to enjoying a journey as the distance between towns are long and can go on for hours with way too many photo ops along the way.
  • Trust me when I say South New Zealand is oozing the kind of beauty which you must have otherwise only seen on post cards and even assumed that’s more of a good Photoshop job than being this close the real deal and if you are a photographer or one who can’t resist missing a good frame like myself, make sure to inform your accommodation before hand about your delay as the towns close pretty early. You also will want to avoid driving late after sundown for hours, after all the drive is enjoyable with visibly changing landscape, not just street lamps and endless dark roads.

Luckily for us, we were there in one of the shoulder months of the year i.e. the first and the second week of December, right before the holidays began and peak tourist season takes over. Even so, Queenstown which is the adventure capital of the world was still pretty much buzzing with tourists. The smaller towns and stunning vineyards where we found our occasional solace as we figured, the art of sipping on delicious wines with a side of good cheese transports you to a very content and gratitude filled happy place.

Where to travel in New Zealand

Here’s hoping that this itinerary will help make your trip leisurely and exciting at the same time, like it did for us. Feel free to add or omit any route that may seem convenient according to you.


Our Road Trip Route
Source: Google Maps (Southland New Zealand)


Memorial for Earthquake victims at Christchurch

We reached Christchurch late in the night around 10pm and the only place open for business was McDonald’s near the airport for take away. After picking up our rental car from Christchurch and getting not so good burgers for dinner we headed to an apartment waiting for us in the city.


Did you know, Lupins are considered weeds here in NZ | Lake Tekapo

Today we got breakfast at one of the many lovely cafes and explored the city for about a couple of hours before we hit the road to AORAKI VILLAGE on the foothills of  Mt. COOK via Rakaia Gorge through South Canterbury to Geradline then into Mackenzie country.

If you are not aware, Christchurch has multiple times been affected by severe earthquakes and there are ruins of the damage around the city with saddening yet beautiful memorial for people and children who did not survive the disaster.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>If you are there around November to December like me, you will be able to enjoy the colours of the beautiful lupines around scenic lake Tekapo.
For more on how and where to discover Lupines, CLICK HERE


Sundown at Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

 After spending a night at an apartment around Mt. cook in the Mackenzie region and enjoying breakfast with a view of the sugar powdered glaciers we drove out to Wanaka. A charming little town with a beautiful lake that made for a jaw dropping view from our rooms.

You can join a glacier lake tour if you are staying around longer.


Beautiful Lake Wanaka

Wanaka is a charming little town built around the beds of the spectacular Lake Wanaka.

This day we walked around touring the town, trying out restaurants and explored a couple to wineries in the area. Later spent the evening indoors with a bottle of delicious riesling from one of the vineyards.


Windy day at Lake Te Anau

We were in Te Anu in two to three hours’ time. Another, even smaller town in the region.

Visited the glow worm caves, dinner in the town center and spent time under the clear starry sky at the Te Anu lake.


Eerie Milford Sound

This day we headed to tour the spectacular Milford sound on a small cruise. We were lucky to have experienced wild dolphins, seals lazing on rocks and a stunning water fall. The cruise tour was an awe-inspiring visual treat.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>If you want, you can take up popular guided hike along the scenic Milford Track as well to witness their wildlife in the forests and more scenic beauty.
To know more head to my detailed post exclusively about Experiencing Milford Sound:



Town life in Queenstown

After a couple nights we departed Te Anu and geared up for a leisurely drive to Queenstown.

We were there around lunch and enjoyed food and drinks at one of the many amazing restaurants in the city and moved along with the crown to the lake to unwind.

The city also has a vintage theatre which is a fun experience and we caught the latest movie there.

Closed the night at one of our now favorite bar in Queenstown: 1876.


Loved the way they served the samples at Lazy Dog

This day we aimed to cover as many wineries as we could. The out of this world drive along side the never ending Lake Wakatipu was my favourite part of the day. The stunning vineyards with a spectacular view overlooking lakes, mountains and more delicious wines confirmed that we were in our happy place. It was Pinot Noir season, we sampled some with beautiful flavours and bought bottles from the vineyards we really liked.

After stopping at cherry fields, sampling and buying a bunch we also spotted a sign to view lavender flowers carpeting the fields in soothing purple on our way back to Queenstown.


Lake Wakatipu in Queesntown

There are a number of water sports activities that takes place on Lake Wakatipu and few other touristy activities like penguin reserves, in Queenstown. From getting ice creams and standing in queue from the best burgers to jet skiing and paragliding the day went by just being around in town on a fine sunny day.


Kawarau Bridge Bungee set up at Queenstown

The famous Hackett bungee jumping, sky diving, gondola rides disclosing amazing view of the town. Also, indulge in advanced three wheeled luge cart rides which just might be the most scenic luge track in the world.

We of course ended the day with more wine tasting with cheese platters in Rippon valley.


The stunning Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

Finally coming to the end we got out on the road early in the morning today to cover fox glacier in PUNAKAIKI area on our way to Christchurch, which was around a 9-hour long scenic drive.


Sun Down at Lake Wakatipu

Explore more of the city if you got the time before leaving for the airport with beaming memories of this amazing trip.

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  1. Oh the only place we did not go was Te Anau and Milford sound! We had just been to the fjords a few years before the roadtrip in South island, so thought it would be the same…sigh. Now we have to redo the roadtrip. lol

    1. Yes that’s true, it is a beautiful setting but is just as saddening, as those chairs originally belong to the people and children who lost their lives to the disastrous earthquakes that took place in Christchurch. It is a memorial.

  2. Quite a trip…I always find you have to be really prepared for some big drives on the South Island. Did you happen to go near Kaikoura at all? Wondering how it fares after the big quake?

    1. Oh, we haven’t really. We have been to Christchurch though and witnessed the ruins from the frequent earthquakes. Quite disheartening, but, life there seems to be in full swing. People have adapted.

  3. I completely agree South Island is one of most beautiful places I’ve ever been. We unfortunately didn’t have the time to see Fox Glacier, but hopefully in the future.

    1. Hope you do get to, it’s beautiful and if I can I would love to do the entire road trip all over again.
      Good luck with that, Dustin. 😃

  4. Hi Aditi,

    We are planning for NZ trip this year end for around 12-14 days and would like to see best of what Kiwi land has to offer. We’re more interested in scenic locations and less into adventure sports. Can you please suggest a good itinerary for the same?

    Thanks in Advance

  5. Hi Vivek,

    With 12-14 days in hand you can easily set aside 4 days for north island and visit the natural geysers, Auckland, wineries and do a hobitton tour other than the things already mentioned for south island. There is a lot to do in the south even if adventure sports is not your thing. Drive around the island and discover scenic spots and lakes to picnic at. You can also add a day stay at Lake Tekapo (see itinerary above).

    Hope this helps!

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