The English Rush – LONDON

During my stay in the UK I was put up in Glasgow, Scotland. I did not travel much around the country, but I did make sure that I make a stop at London before my stay comes to an end.

London is a dream city much like Mumbai where you can dare to give those dreams a go without having to answer to anybody. Life there is just as fast paced and a race everyday in contrast to the life in Glasgow, which is much calmer and slow.

I toured London with a couple of my friends around the London 2012 Olympic season. London was gearing up to host Olympics that month and was full of life and dressy. We got lost thrice, missed our bus on the way back and London Underground; definitely not designed for first time travelers.  But none of the above crashed my newfound love for this city.

I caught a few beautiful glimpses of London and tried my best at capturing the enthralling sensation through my lenses that I experienced upon visiting the city.

 Hope you feel it too! =)

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