Road Trip in SOUTHERN IRELAND (Euro-trip part deux)

In hopes to some day encounter our ‘English ghost of Christmas past’ in a new place while we bid London farewell, we headed to a country that somewhat reminded me of Scotland, but was nothing like it. The movie P.S. I love you, helped many aspire to make a touch down in Ireland and the ones lucky enough to have experienced this country, knows of not just the place but the warmth that place had to offer even in shivery temperatures. To have encountered such untouched and pristine beauty of nature (Oh, the sunsets could make me cry), the friendliest people with such desirable english accent(thanks a lot Gerry Kennedy), charming Irish breakfast at our BnB’s (mother of all english versions), Yorkshire puddings (never been able to put a pin on that gravy though) and of course a lot of friendly Jamesons we chanced upon (was a ‘necessary’ pick up for warmth at the fuel stations). It was a drastic modification from what London had to offer and surely the most memorable part of our Europe trip.

On our arrival in Dublin we picked up our rented car for the trip ahead. Well, not without the struggle of fitting all our luggage and four people into a Skoda octavia. Twenty five days long winter trip makes it a little difficult to travel light for survival and all while enjoying the place. After stuffing ourselves into the car, we headed straight to Galway for the night and the next day packed out of the BnB to be back on the road. Have you heard of the song ‘Galway Girl’? After this I can vouch that Steve Earle lost his heart more to the breathtaking beauty of the place over that pretty Galway girl in his song. During the day wherever we drove to and whatever we set our eyes on, the view was spectacular. It truly felt like this is what heaven must look and feel like (hopefully not freezing). It was sometimes difficult to drive around the place due to steep roads, uncalled for pours, lack of street lights and we easily managed to get lost quite a few times. To be honest, upon getting lost we actually stumbled across much stunning and picturesque places, no regrets whatsoever. So most evenings into the night, till next morning consisted of demolishing a Jameson or sitting it out at one of the bars for some delicious Irish food, music and draft beers. The countryside of Ireland has some pretty villages on the most stunning locations and in winter most of the places are inhabited. One of the nights we also managed to make the mistake of carrying no food with us to a remote countryside and the BnB we were staying at severed no food in the night. Starving we got out on the streets and luckily found one open bar whose host was kind enough to sever us and brought out bread and fries though their kitchen was closed and bar was packed with people. The entire road trip across the countryside we happened to stumbled across people mostly in bars here; old folks and the young cheering, drinking and dancing to music from bagpipes under one roof.

Well, here are the list of our pit stops along with some stunning pictures of our road-trip throughout the countryside, all taken by my husband and I will also throw in the names of the lovely BnB’s we crashed at.

  1. GALWAY 

    Like I mentioned, we crashed at a BnB in the night we arrived in Galway and the next day we checked out of the place to see the medieval Dunguaire Castle and explore more lush green meadows and the lake glaciers on the way to Cliffs of Moher.
    We Stayed at: Kinvara Guesthouse


    We reached here only to be welcomed by flights of stairs to climb and in the end was the most striking view of the mighty cliffs. We were awe-struck at the eerie beauty of the cliffs on a rather cloudy day.
    We stayed at: Glasha Meadows


    Next day we drove around the the Dingle peninsular loop for more jaw dropping scenery and explored the broken sandy beaches for sunset and the colourful town on the Dingle bay harbour.
    We Stayed at: Dingle Harbour Lodge BnB


    This is one of the most scenic trails, it runs 120 miles through in southwestern Ireland. We drove around the ring stopping at many cafes and villages for lunch.
    We stayed at: Killaran House


    We headed to Dublin on the 31st of December. Just in time to bring in the new years. We began the evening at Dublin city’s Temple Bar and partied into the night till morning. The street had a mini carnival show, there was music blaring from all the bars and I bought in 2015 with some memorable count down with the most amazing friends; new and old. With a hangover and an urge to die we started the day extremely late. We managed to check out some random city landmarks and the Guinness Brewery Museum. The museum was alright, not as interactive but the Guinness there is the tastiest I had ever tasted, maybe even more so because it was free. The next day we left to catch flight for our next adventure and in anticipation as to whether this city will be able to beat the ‘highs’ that the scenic Ireland made us ‘trip’ on. To know more keep an eye out for Euro-trip Part 3.



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