Two days in SINGAPORE

After a experiencing some lovely weather in Shanghai (between 10 to 16 degree Celsius) away from the Dubai’s ever escalating heat back home, Singapore took a real toll on us with the scorching heat and humidity. Every clothing on me was sticking to my body (bye bye flow-y dresses and maxis) and I don’t even sweat as much. Here 5 mins out in the open (not even directly under the sun) and I was drenched. But come what may, you have got to fit in everything that you have pre planned and pre booked with advanced payment made online for those two days in Singapore, right? Wrong, please do not book attractions online before hand, given how much ever you feel like you are saving money and time unless you are visiting during the peak seasons (Christmas and Chinese new year). We realised on arriving that the hotel we had booked for our stay was giving us up to 50% discount on most of the tourist attractions for guests and as for our tours that we pre-scheduled, the moody weather made visiting the places on those days not as enjoyable as we hoped for and we were there only for two days in the month on April.
Other than the weather and a few drawbacks we truly enjoyed the food and the vibe of the city. Food in Singapore is all sorts of fusion. It is the place to experience the flawless love child of your favourite dishes. Singapore is very different than any city we have ever visited; every corner of the city feels so well planned, everything is extremely clean, quite and perfect. Maybe even too perfect. Our trip was short, quick with very frequent desires of gulping down chilled cocktails.

Singapore Skyline from Marina Bay Sands


Convenience of the Singapore metro line is impeccable, it was a sure relief from expensive taxi rides and a great way to explore all the places in such less time. We officially started touring the city in evening once the heat got bearable and visited Gardens by the Bay. The famous super-trees there looked like the trees from Avatar. The garden was beautifully landscaped with different themes and flowers everywhere were in full bloom. We paid a fee to visit the cloud forest and the flower dome and the light show in the garden between 7.45pm to 8.45pm was free for everyone to witness. We had reservation at the Flight at Sky on 57th in the magnificent Marina Bay Sands hotel, later that evening. It was the best way to admire the striking Singapore skyline away from the crowd on their terrace while downing some delicious cocktails, enjoying great music and we were there just in time to experience the laser water show below. We were there on a Thursday, but if you plan to visit on a weekend there is a cover charge of up to $400 per head.

The Super Trees
It was tulip season
Marina Bay Sands from Cloud Forest
Indoor flower garden
Flight in the sky on 57th floor


Today we took off for Universal Studios in Sentosa Express. I have never been to Universal Studios anywhere and I was ecstatic. Everything thing was okay in the beginning, we started with a few indoor rides and even bore the heat. But in no time it started to rain with thunderstorms and all the big outdoor rides were closed. This resulted in longer queues for the indoor rides and we ended up really tired for nothing. But none the less decided to only explore the place and soon we found a Hard Rock cafe somewhere outside Universal and got ourselves together there. Later in the evening we paid a visit to Clarke Quay on the riverside and this was definitely the highlight of our short trip. The food and vibe there is spectacular and it was a Friday night. Tons of themed bars with live bands and music to choose from. It was a huge party in the open and was definitely a great way to end our trip. Singapore is a rather expensive place in general and a drink is these bars where pretty pricey. This is where seven-eleven (supermarket) comes to the rescue if you are on a traveller’s budget. Here one can easily buy their own stock and chill with friends by the river bank without interruption while enjoying the music coming from a nearby bar.

Clark Quay
Vibrant Riverside at Clark Quay
Octopus Bar Clark Quay

We loved the experiencing Singapore whatsoever, as it was an impromptu trip (more like a stopover from Shanghai to Dubai) and a very short one with a few glitches. With a little more research even those could have been avoided. Like I said, the city ‘maybe even too perfect’.

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