Easter weekend in PARIS

Their sexy french accent when they converse in english, chic boutiques that can make me go weak in the knee, Ladureè serving away a storm of macaroon infused fancies, fascinating museums tours, their street food assortment of Pralinès and variety of crepes, the diversity of exquisite cuisine like escargot and foie gras to thai and of course the very masculine but yet so feminine architectural structure that gives this city of love a materialistic flare of infatuation; the Eiffel Tower.

In full bloom


When many told me how the city is simply exaggerated and there’s nothing special. Oh, how I believed them then. Trust me when I say keep Paris on the top of your to do list in Europe. There’s no one better than your soul mate (friend, parents, boyfriend or anyone who you feel is the perfect companion) to visit this city of love. I have been to many cities within Europe with friends and every trip was throughly enjoyable in it’s own way. But, I am glad Paris happened with just him by my side. I did not intentionally save the trip to go with the man of my dreams but after getting married, we moved to a little european country; Luxembourg, surrounded by Belgium, Germany and France (more about that later). Paris being close and a decent four hour driving distance, seemed legit to extend the honeymoon that we had just returned from in Dubai and Turkey. We decided to do a good, long easter weekend of four days in Paris and drove away. Again in Europe, driving from one country to another is such a treat to the soul if one has no time constraint while travelling. Being easter, Paris was lit up in the month of April. New blooms, festivals, sales, crêperies wiping up a ton of flavours on the move, chocolatiers and pâstisseries had scrumptious easter art on their windows; tempting every passer by to walk in for a bite and restaurants with delicious selection of wine that got my soul fluttering with every sip.


The first day in Paris was gloomy and wet but in our hearts we knew we had visit the eiffel tower for the evening lit up, while we took a stroll within their regal jardin (garden). There were creperies all around us wiping up delicious Nutella crepes and who could resist sinking in their warmth with a latte in the chilly, wet Parisian weather.

Evening Eiffel
Feminine and yet so masculine structure


The next day we begun our day by grabbing some fresh buttery croissants, eggs and caffeine. Afternoon drinking is totally a thing in paris. Boulevards in paris that lead to historic monuments create breathtaking strolls. Luckily for us, this day the weather wasn’t too wet, just gloomy. We stopped to visit the Cathédrale Notré-Dame de Paris followed by St Germain, later in the day. A commercial area that has its streets bustling with youth and tourists or probably only that day because it was easter and a long weekend. From quaint souvenir shops to high end boutiques sharing walls and historic eateries and bars to churches, museums and art galleries on the street, along side the canal, one can’t get bored here. You are likely to leave the place over fed and drunk with a huge grin but never bored, whatsoever. Something in the air here thats make us crave for more, not just in case of their delicious food but the somewhat stunning, confusing and artsy Parisian life.

In the evening tried from all the walking at the Germain market we headed towards Luxembourg Garden and was relieved to find some peace from all that market hustle. There were chairs to relax in by the fountains and further walk into the gardens led to forests which are private. The gardens are owned by French Senate, which is housed in the elegant Chateau and for most parts it is open to the public.

Stunning Notre Dame
Notre Dame
Easter Themed
These Vintage Carousels


Now, for any Luxury enthusiast out there, Avenue des Champs-Élysées for you will be what Hamleys is to kids. On that note, the street has a huge two storey  Disney store right next to MAC and is placed opposite to the likes of Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton and Guerlain. This street is rightly called the ‘world’s most beautiful avenue’ and around spring this avenue blushes from all shades of cherry blossom pink. We walked the entire two kilometers stretch of Champs-Élysées from Place de la Concorde to the majestic Arc de Triomphe. On the way we fortunately (thanking my sweet sweet stars here) stumbled across the biggest Ladurée store we have ever seen and to our surprise this was the only one with a bar. There is separate door to enter the bar, don’t get fooled by the never ending long queue at their main door, that is only for the pâstisserie and take away. Like Ladureè had to justify my never ending love for their macaroons the bar had array of cocktails and their specialty? their Macaroon Cocktails. We could pick from any of their signature macaroon flavour and they serve that as a cocktail with a side of the actual macaroon. I have the itch for good tasting cocktails and this subtly sweet and drunk drink further made our day. The cocktails are pretty pricey though; 23 euros a pop but so worth it. Being full is not enough in Paris especially not if you are there for only 4 days, their charming cafès everywhere are such treat that we definitely couldn’t get enough. We had researched most of the famous restaurant and cafes to try ahead of the trip, so you can say that our trip was around figuring out where they all are at in the city.

Arc de Triomphe
Ladurée Bar
Theatre on Champ Élysse
Soaking in the sun


On our Last we were blessed with the warm, winter sun shining upon us and I am so glad that we decided to visit the Eiffel tower just once again. After many gloomy days the place was particularly bustling with tourist that day, every food cart, hawkers, performers were in sight and the air smelled of sweet waffle and buttery popcorn. From there we headed on foot while stopping at many scenic spots by the canal to Pont des L’Archeveche; the very famous Parisian ‘love lock’ bridge. I personally feel it’s one of the most romantic spots in the city and it was such a beautiful day to be there. The bridge is over looking the stunning sienne (canal) and the Musée d’Orsay (Museum) on one side. It is also pretty close to Notre Dame and Latin Quarter (amazing food, once again). Yes, we did put our initials on a lock, fastened it to the railing of the bridge and threw the keys into the sienne so our love can never be unlocked. Cheesy, but cute. (Though now all the locks are being taken down and glass panels have been put in place.) View of Notre Dame is stunning from the bridge and we also enjoyed looking at the other locks, if not thousands but hundreds of them left behind by couples and imagining what their stories might be. I could spend hours on that bridge but given the time constraint we headed back and called it a night after getting dinner at our favourite thai place in St Germain Market.

The sun finally | Eiffel Tower| PARIS
Ferry restaurants/cafès along the canal
Stunning Streets
Wondering their stories
Not all found love that day


  • Royal Thai in St. Germain – Curry in coconut shell
  • Laduree in Champs-Élysées – Macaroons, desserts and their Cocktails
  • Armani Cafe in St Germain – The combination of Tiramisu and Pinot Gris
  • Creperies on the street – Nutella crepes
  • Quaint little random Cafe’s for breakfast – Buttery croissants, Omelettes, coffee/ tea
  • Pick from any of the many, many Bakeries on the streets while wandering.
  • Bauteau Le Calife on St Germain – French Toasts, desserts and banging cocktails
  • La Maison du Jardin on St Germain – Gnocchi and pinot gris or Foie gras salad.
  • Publicis drugstore on St Germain – Overlooking Arc Dre triomphe, delicious steak.



Beautiful and open minded the Parisians might be, I guess knowing a little basic french is helpful there as english is not common at all.
It is also important to be aware of the pickpockets at all the tourist spots. Keep your belongings close to yourself and avoid signing any petitions or giving donations in the middle of the street. The pickpockets have clever and cunning ways to get away.
Keep an umbrella, the weather can be kinda tricky. 

Now, I hope you will be able relate more with the pictures below. Most of them are taken from my phone though. 


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