Our Seven days in BALI Itinerary and Budget


  • Place: Bali, Indonesia

  • Language: Balinese

  • Other languages known: Indonesian & English

  • Religion: Hinduism

  • “Hello”: “om suastiastu”

  • “Thank you”: “suksma”

  • People of Bali: Balinese

  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Nusa Dua Beach | Beaches of Bukit Peninsula of South Bali
Do you spot the temples on the cliff?

The day we stumbled upon cheap flight tickets to Bali from Dubai (usually a rarity), we jumped on the opportunity and booked them immediately. Now, in the elevated moment of buying plane tickets to a new destination, we followed up with finalising our accommodations and soon after started working on the itinerary. Not long into the planning phase we figured seven days were too less to cover all the places we were looking forward to visit in Bali. Amazed at the things to do within one island and underestimating all of it definitely triggered a mini anxiety attack because all we were picturing before booking those tickets were beaches, resorts and flowing beer and we couldn’t be more wrong!
Without the option of changing our ridiculously cheap tickets and instead of trying to cram everything in seven days, we decided to focus on South Bali with a day trip to Ubud. And, after witnessing the beauty and character that is Bali, we promised to come back another time for a longer period and check off the mystical saved images of this island from various inspiring travel accounts on Instagram.

We were in Bali for 7 days and 8 nights and after given much thought, time and research, we finalised this sweet itinerary  below with the approximate expenses that will be incurred and followed up with it without a glitch. Well, it is our personally devised itinerary that is comfortable to us which, might come across as a lot laid back with only two day trips where we rented cars with drivers; One to UBUD and another while Beach Hopping in the Bukit Peninsula. I understand most us have limited time off from work, home and life and deserve to get the most out of the escape from routine. In that case, I hope this itinerary helps if you are looking to do Bali with a time constraint.


Prices mentioned within the below itinerary are in INDONESIAN RUPIAH (IDR)/ US DOLLARS ($) and all mentioned prices are approximate value for consumption by two adults and for guidance use only, especially in case of food and drinks. The prices may vary, depending on preferences and various other factors.


Our Bali Itinerary and Budget

Bali can be way affordable than you think. Quality food, stay at luxury hotels, cheap beer and transport. However it is always best to be aware on the updated prices for various services in order to save yourself from being duped by the drivers or some locals. starting from the taxi you take to your hotel to buying a sim card and exchanging currency at exchange shops.

  • Read more about things to keep in mind while travelling to Bali, HERE

Tegalalang Rice Terraces
Tegalalang Rice Terraces

DAY 1:

Arrive in NUSA DUA

  • 20 minutes from Nugurah Rai International Airport to Conrad Bali (IDR 150,000 | $12)
  • Dinner at Bumbu Bali for two with beer (IDR 400,000 | $30)
    Book a free Pick up and Drop service at the hotel reception.
    Food: Satay, Black Rice Pudding, Alcohol, Sambals


DAY 2:


  • Check water sports rates at the resort and compare prices (Water sports rate offered to us by our resort turned out to be cheaper for us)
    Book for water sports with Benoa Tirta Harum – Package 1 (Parasailing, Banana Boat and Jet ski) (IDR 545,000 / person i.e. IDR 1090,000 | $82 for two) OR with Batara Dive and Watersport (much cheaper)
    Book free pick up from the hotel
    Carry towels and change of clothes
  • Lunch
    Atlichanya (IDR 300,000 | $23)
    Balinese cuisine: Corn Fitters, Seafood Nasi Goreng , Alcohol
    Queens for Indian cuisine (IDR 150,000 | $12)
  • Massages at Zahar
    Book a free pick up and drop from the hotel
    1.5 hour Balinese messages (IDR 225,000 | $17)
    Book the appointment before leaving for your trip or at least a two days prior.
  • Dinner at Bumbu Bali for two with beer (IDR 400,000 | $30)
    Book a free Pick up and Drop service at the hotel reception.
    Food: Satay, Black Rice Pudding, Alcohol, Sambals.


DAY 3:


  • To Amadea Resort Seminyak from Conrad Bali, Nusa Dua
    TAXI 35 minutes (IDR 150,000 | $12)
  • Rent a Bike for a day (IDR 50,000 | $4)
  • Lunch at Char Char Grill (IDR 300,000 | $23)
    Right in front of our Resort
    Great drinks, Balinese and continental cuisine – Moderately crowded
  • Museum Trick Art 3D (IDR 300,000|$23)
  • Drinks at Potato Head Bali Beach Club (IDR 700,000 | $53)
    Make a reservation for pool lounge or at any of their restaurants. Usually gets very crowded around sunset hour.
  • Dinner at Taco Casa (IDR 225,000 | $17)
    Tacos, nachos and the best margaritas ever!
  • If the night feels young, drinks at Baker Street Social (IDR 50,000 | $5)
    5 minutes’ walk from Taco Casa



DAY 4:


  • Breakfast (IDR 250,000 | $20) at Sisterfields cafe
    Brunch Food: Avo, eggs, Acai, Salads
    Usually crowded, except queues.
  • Bukit Peninsular tour (For the exact itinerary click HERE)
    Rent a car with driver in advance. (YourBaliDriver.com)
    (IDR 700,000 or IDR 550,000 | $50 or $40 + $2(tip))
    Start at 12pm.
    If your driver is not obliged to take care of the entrance fee to the beaches then you will have to. Fee can be anywhere between (IDR 10000 to 20000 | $1)

    • Jimbaran Beach
      Lunch at Made Bagus Cafe on the beach
      Balinese Cuisine – Seafood
    • Tegal wangi beach
    • Balangan Beach
    • Dreamland Beach
    • Bingin Beach
    • Padong Padong Beach
    • Suluban Beach
      –  Delpi Café (150,000 | $11)
      –  Make sure to reach Suluban beach in Uluwatu by 5.00 PM to encounter sun downs and surfers catching waves.
    • Visit the scenic Uluwatu Temple and catch a traditional Kecak dance around sun down. (IDR 20,000 | $ 1.5). Expect aggressive and snatcher monkeys there.

  • Dinner at one of the many cafes and restaurants in Suluban, Uluwatu OR upon reaching Seminyak. (IDR 300,000 | $23)


DAY 5:

Spend an evening in KUTA

  • Breakfast
    Revolver Cafe in Kayu Aya (IDR 250,000 | $20)
    Best Coffee in town and brunch food.
  • Lunch (IDR 300,000 | $23)
    Tiger Palm in Seminyak Village – Asina Cuisine and drinks
  • Kuta
    Explore the bohemian markets of Kuta

    Drinks on Kuta beach around sun down at Boardwalk Restaurant (IDR 150,000 |  $12)
    Dinner Fat Chow (IDR 300,000 | $23)
    Amazing Pan Asian and local cuisine.
    Consider partying at one of the many clubs and/or enjoy live music at the pubs.


DAY 6:


  • Rent car and driver in advance (IDR 700,000  | $50 +tip)
    Driver picks up at: 9.00 AM

    • Ruko Café (IDR 120,000 | $9)
      – Coffee and Breakfast
    • Coffee Plantation (Free, however Lupak poop coffee IDR 50,000 | $4)
    • Tegalalang Rice Fields (IDR 10,000 | $1)
    • Explore and shop at Ubud Market
      Lunch at Ubud Market (IDR 200,000 | $15) in Taco Casa – Mexican cuisine
    • Tegenungan Waterfall (IDR 20,000 | $1.5)
    • Tanah Lot Temple at Sunset (IDR 60,000 | $4.5)
    • Dinner and drinks at Mama Sun (IDR 350,000 | $27)
      Fine dining Pan Asian restaurant



DAY 7:


  • Hire Bike for a day (IDR 50,000 | $4)
  • Breakfast
    Nalu Bowls (IDR 120,000 | $9)
    Smoothie bowls with various toppings
  • Visit Seminyak flea markets and shops for souvenirs.
  • Book a massage or spa with your resort or just walk in to one of the many parlours you fancy in the market (review and pick wisely)
  • Lunch (IDR 300,000 | $23)
    Shelter Café – continental
  • Drinks at sun down Ayana Resort, Jimbaran (IDR 150,000 | $12)
    Make a reservation before hand at Rock bar for drinks or for food at their restaurant.


DAY 8:


Breakfast at Sisterfields and delicious coffee at Revolver Cafe (IDR 350,000 | $ 27)

Tiramisu Pancakes at Revolver Cafe
Tiramisu Pancakes at Revolver Cafe


  • We ended up spending around less than $1000 on this itinerary during our stay i.e. 60,000 INR and 3500 AED for the two of us for 7 nights and 8 days.
  • This $1000 does not include accommodation and flights.
  • We were there during the month of June.
  • If are a VEGETARIAN or VEGAN, bali is heaven for you because almost all restaurants cater to vegetarians and has many vegan restaurants.


Bintang at Delpi Cafe Uluwatu
A well deserved Bintang

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