Things to Love about DUBAI

It has been over 6 months since my husband and I moved to U.A.E. from Luxembourg. No denying it was a huge change to adjust to for the both of us. For everyone who asks; of course we miss the lush green European landscapes, mini road trips across countries, amazing European cuisines, so many places to go hike at, the snowy winters and the festive summers. The move to Dubai was both exciting and stressful at the same time. The anxiety of new work, looking for an apartment to rent, managing the massive amount of expenses, the excitement of setting up a new home within a matter of 5 days into moving day at the same-time stressing about not making any mistakes.

Well, now that we are settled and starting to enjoy everything the city has to offer, we both are big on trying new restaurants and enjoy digging up places serving some of the ‘good beverage’. We have been to Dubai on our honeymoon in March 2015; stayed at Atlantis the Palm for 4 days. There was so much to do within the hotel itself, we seldom explored the city except meet some old friends and try the bars in souk. We were already so fascinated by Dubai then, I remember it got us wondering how amazing it would be to live here. Little did we know then that we would sometime in the near future move to Dubai for real. Even before my honeymoon, I had already been to the country for the first time with my family in christmas for a holiday and for the oh so famous Dubai shopping Festival.

The extravagant Dubai, has left us amazed at its new version. Back then only in 2012, there were cranes everywhere ruining the city backdrop for the perfect picture and now how those cranes have made way for jaw-dropping skyline in no time is beyond me. Dubai’s ever changing and everyday there is something exciting and new to look forward to. Everything here is used to being exceptionally exaggerated from cars to homes, from malls to  hotels and from showing of the tallest building in the world to an exceptional man made island. U.A.E. wouldn’t be stopping anytime soon. They will aspire to make it bigger and better.



U.A.E. is home to people from diverse cultural background, where Emiratis themselves make up about fraction of the population here. You will notice the diversity especially in the staggering variety of global CUSINE (24 hr delivery and Arabian Iftar buffets, yes please!), FASHION (every luxury brand you have desired, all in one place) and MUSIC (oh the radio stations are amazing and live music concerts). Although a nation rooted in Islamic traditions, experiences and getting to know the country are made comfortable and convenient for newcomers and tourists. The city has built itself to adjust the ever expanding multi national expat communities forever on a look out for a good time and the city caters to every age group, national, budget and taste.


The only place in the world that shows appreciation to impulsive shoppers like myself and further feed to the addiction by sometimes keeping their stores open till past 2 a.m. in the morning.  How can we forget the famous ‘Dubai shopping Festival’ in the new years, for an ENTIRE MONTH. Oh and there are not one but two such annual shopping festivals. I will agree that every mall here turns into a fish market with hoards of tourists and residents alike, trying to grab the best deal. But again there’s over 72 malls all over Dubai, not just housing your favourite brands with irresistible offers, an array of restaurants for specific cuisines to choose from and many popular coffee shops to up your caffeine levels while making severe buying decisions. If any of the above are not your thing, the malls here have some surreal attractions like enormous indoor aquarium, indoor ski slope and many activities to keep the kids or the child in you occupied.


The city is a true shape shifter when the moon’s high in the sky. There is something to do for everyone here rather than sit at home and Netflix, which I am very guilty of! With numerous restaurants catering  to hunger pangs of all sort, retail therapy open for your convenience till late into the night on weekends and holidays, swanky clubbing scenes, sleek rooftop pubs and waterfront bars with some really great music, serving away a selection of ‘grape beverage’ and cocktails, the incredible sheesha and karak chai lounges to keep you up all night and the occasional live music venues and concerts; Dubai nightlife is one of a kind and is worth to be infatuated with. How can we forget the very vital after partying food which, can be easily taken care of at the several 24 hr open restaurants in the city. Much nightlife centres around posh hotels as only restaurants within these hotels are allowed to serve alcohol in the city AND you bet there’s an abundance here.

The Burj Khalifa
Jamie’s Italian, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Burj Al Arab
360, Jumeirah Beach
Dubai Mall
Nobu Dubai
Atlantis Dubai
Dubai Mall
Dubai Skyline


From now, under the DUBAI MENU I will do a series of posts with detailed information about restaurants and cafes that can conquer your cravings, our hunt for the best rooftop terraces in the city to gawp at the striking skyline, bars serving the most delectable cocktails and interesting activities that are worth your time here. Hope you will enjoy the posts and do let me know if they were helpful.

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