Memoirs of The University of GLASGOW, SCOTLAND


University days are a huge part in all of our lives. Some may take it as the best days ever or some may call it the worst, but nobody can deny all the learning and growing up we have done there. I miss my university immensely. Studying in Scotland was the best call I had ever taken and that never let me down.

It’s been a while since I have been back home for good. I graduated in November and I am still hungover my uni days. Being independent, cooking for myself, the friends I have made for life, the uni events *sighs* and above all studying in a castle and the breathtaking beauty of the place. I recommend anybody who gets the opportunity to study in a school or college away from home to go for it. It’s definitely one hell of an experience, there’s nothing like it and if the place is Scotland, don’t think twice.

The kilt-land caused me and my camera to become best friends, even 15  months is very less time to sink in all.

This post is dedicated to my University; the pictures are of my Hogwarts lookalike University and few favorite places around it.

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