In Europe we were living in a country which is one way picturesque and the other side swarming with head offices for large MNCs. You might wonder, that’s most of the European countries? Yes, but in Luxembourg this very common difference was easily spotted from one side of the centre (Luxembourg City) to the other. Luxembourg’s population consists of almost 80% expats from the neighbouring countries like Germany, Netherlands, France and Brussels. Therefore, most of the employees working in Luxembourg would go home to their respective ‘countries’ after work. The population is not much here, as I could almost count people on the streets during winter. Especially when we would go out to get dinner, most of our favourite restaurants were either closed or serving a fixed menu. On the other hand, summer here is like any other European country; crowded and festive. Though, one must not expect to get a tan here, because I had to carry an umbrella and keep a warm cardigan in my bag at all times when we got out. The weather is extremely moody and most of the time gloomy. Keeping the weather aside the Lux Govt has turned every stone to make sure everyone got out to enjoy the longer days and keep the party going; from music festivals to the famous Schueberfouer fun fair in the heart of the city. During the festive summer it gets rather overwhelming to see the contrast since the dull, snow capped winter streets swarming with party goers and enthusiastic tourists crowded in busses. The city really comes to life during these few, blessed sunny days of the year and staying indoors then, is just criminal. 

I know, Luxembourg is on no one’s bucket list. Even I had to zoom in on the world map for the name to turn up when my husband mentioned that we might be moving to. It’s simply a very small but an important European country as it proudly boasts to be the headquarters of the European Union. But if you looking at increasing your country count, it’s a perfect touch down on the way to or if you are travelling from France, Germany and/or Belgium. It’s one place which has influences of all these countries, from people, language to food. Now that works in favour for us expats. People easily understood english there (though, few of them ‘tried’ speaking) unlike my experience in France and for food we had tons of options to choose from; quality French pâtisseries, German schnitzels to Belgium chocolates. They had it all and my 10 kilo weight gain was sure evidence to all the culinary experiences we had.

I have enjoyed the lovely evening walks in the gardens and hikes on their hills. No one does garden landscapes like the Luxembourgers. They are stunning with quaint bridges and waterfalls, some were exclusive to massive and very well equipped play ground for kids. I am so much in awe with the beautifully flowered garden everywhere so as to most of my summer was spent reading a book and getting lunch on the benches.

Luxembourg’s beautiful shallow valleys and somewhat mountainous terrain makes for stunning hikes during spring and summer with the plants in full bloom and every shade of green in sight. The blue rooftops and cream coloured walls of the old town with quaint, must visit cafe’s and bars in the valleys, the castles and a serene canal passing through them all; makes Luxembourg a charming little destination that you’ll want to add to your Euro-trip itinerary.

Hope enjoy the below picture (from phone) snippets from my life in Luxembourg:


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  1. I loved visiting Luxembourg though the expensive food at regular cafes and bakeries made me gag! I have never been to any such place in Europe, if you know what I mean, though I have not been to Switzerland and my husband says that it can compete with Luxembourg. The Chocolate House of Natalie Bonn’s made me want to live inside it 🙂 This was my experience in it though for just two days:

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