KHAO LAK, Thailand as an off-beat Wedding destination

Early November 2016 we were in Thailand for our close friend’s wedding. This destination wedding holiday turned into 45 days long vacation with the addition of both Australia and New Zealand to the list. We landed in Phuket for a day and were put up in a resort in Khao Lak for the rest of our stay in Thailand. Now, we did not do much exploring but definitely managed to sneak in a few foot and head massages, stuffed ourselves with a lot of delicious thai food and of course, were transported to another world all together at the beauty of all the white sand beaches. This time around we were in Thailand solely for an Indian wedding for a tight 5 days only. But, can’t wait to go back and visit more of the exotic Thailand soon and not to mention we have been all the authentic and not to mention ridiculously cheap thai cuisine.

As a wedding destination and an hour and a half drive from Phuket, Khao Lak is simply stunning and perfect for hosting weddings on it’s beaches at one of the many resorts there. The one we were at was in JW Marriott, Khao Lak and the wedding venue was set up with the sun setting over the ocean as a backdrop. But no overseas wedding comes without a few hiccups along the way after-all personally being there for every aspect of the preparations is not easy. So, here a few tips from our experiences of the things to keep in mind while planning a beach wedding in Thailand and to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible for your big day:

  • Thailand boasts of tropical weather and seasonal showers are unpredictable here. So to avoid a complete disaster of the entire ceremony it’s best to make an arrangement with the hotel in advance about a backup indoors, incase it rains around the time of exchanging vows.
  • It’s extremely humid there and sometimes you can be perspiring just standing still in one place. So remember to ask your make up artist to use waterproof products that’ll survive the air there.
  • Places like Khao Lak and Phuket are away from urban civilisations so if you forget to bring something important for the wedding, it will not only be a waste of time looking for it but sometimes even impossible to get it on time.S o pack really well and keep a checklist.
  • Beauty services in Thailand are really good and even economical. With some online research you can easily book a make up artist and use your resort’s/hotel’s salon services for your other beauty needs before the wedding. Now, because you will be at a destination pretty much away from the comfort of your beauty salon back home, it is best recommended to make an early booking for all your requirements as they get real busy and overbooked pretty quickly with other resort guests.
  • If there’s going to be drinking and you want to carry your preferred bottles for the cocktails request friends and families joining from overseas to get two bottle each (permitted in Thailand) duty free. For most hotels/resorts do not carry much options or charge a huge sum of money. Hence, for a small corkage fee and a good bar tender get the celebrations over flowing.

Unfortunately, this time I do not have much to say about exploring Thailand in this post. When not prepping ourselves at the amazing thai services for the wedding functions, all we did was chill by the beach and sip on cocktails staring at the endless blue. We are convinced that it’s something in the air here that makes one take everything slow and simply unwind. But with some effort we did manage to take some pictures to be nostalgic about and hopefully come back and get to know more of this beautiful country.

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