GOLD COAST, Australia – Surfer’s Paradise


What started with booking for attending a friend’s wedding, turned out to be more than a month long vacation. Now, travelling from Dubai to Phuket for the wedding only made sense that we extend a few days to visit family in Australia, which again in return turned into exploring the entire east coast with my folks and brother joining us after Phuket. Soon enough after talking to my sister in law who lives in Australia, we were already booking tickets back from Auckland, NZ.
Mind you, covering the main cities through out the entire east coast takes a while, NZ is chilly in early “summer” (come winter clothing) and we were always packing and again unpacking. Did I mention how much of a struggle it has been for me to pack no more than 20kg for 45 days? That is inclusive of clothes and shoes to be worn at the wedding for 4 different functions. Yes, being an Indian wedding guest is no easy than being a stressed Indian bride. I’ll say, past travel experiences have somewhat paid off and it is summer in Australia, so hello light clothing and flip-flops!

The sultry summer morning in the month of November welcomed us as soon as we landed on the Australian soil in BRISBANE. Our first stop was the ever festive GOLD COAST in Queensland. Lucky for us we got a stunning apartment right on the SURFERS PARADISE for our stay and the view from our balcony made up for the 12 hours long flight.  Gold Coast is an expensive chill place because of the beach, many restaurants and perfect for surfers. No doubt the coast is stunning and water so blue is a perfect calling during Aussie summer. During peak season the beaches get extremely crowded by tanners and surfers. Our apartment was a little away from all that crowd and was perfectly calm the only thing we could hear were the waves. See for yourself.

Evening from Surfers Paradise

We stayed in Gold Coast for a total of 4 days and 3 nights. The day we arrived all we did was catch up on sleep, get dinner in the many restaurants on surfers paradise all evening and on other days took it slow and covered as many theme parks as we could. It gets pretty chilly in Gold coast in the evening, we had to get our light jackets out. Though they call it summer and with the tempting sea right in front of us, taking a dip in the sea water wasn’t our cup of tea. That water was freezing and heated pools came to our rescue.

Things we did in Gold Coast

Surfers Paradise 
A dazzling district of Gold coast with high rises and a never ending surf beach. There is that beach on one side of the road and Cavill mall on the other side that has everything from shopping to night clubs. We spent almost every evening on this street to get dinner or take a stroll which ended up in us getting ice creams and enjoy the vibe of this centre of activity. As the name suggests we witnessed a lot of surfers; some learning and some true surfing wizards.

Australians do amazing brunches and coffee. There were endless choices on Cavill street for us to choose from. Being a tourist hub they have it going all packed and busy even on an early November. Enjoying the vibe of Cavill we got ourselves into a cafe for some coffee and avo toasts.

Theme parks
Gold Coast proudly boasts of their many theme parks for everyone and we within our time there managed to cover three. Sea world, Movie world and Wet n Wild water park. The park itself took us an entire day. We tried to cover as much as possible of the Sea world with our given priority to Movie world on the same day. All theme parks here close by 5 pm and it is almost impossible to cover two parks on one day. The parks have a number of great shows for their guests and so much to do. If it’s not surfing that you are doing there theme parks are the next best call. Hence, Gold coast makes it a perfect holiday city for families with kids and best way to cover the parks is to get deals online like on groupon or passes for all the parks at once than buying them individually.

Our gold coast trip was a lot rushed with our agendas. But the place is truly for people to unwind, take a walk on the beaches, wake up for the stunning sun rise, relax by the water or just take surfing lessons. Also, the best way to get around and cover the city is to rent a car for those days.

High Rises
Surfing Lessons
Surfers Paradise Beach
Avo toast forever
Aussie coffee blends
The Sunrise at 4AM
Shopping for the evenings
Cavill Mall Street
The Super Man and Batman rides
Movie World
Sea World
Morning from Surfers Paradise
Evening Strolls

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