Glimpses of Dubai

My trip to Dubai was like any other tourist visiting the place for the first time. We went to all the popular tourist destinations, sight seeing, shopping et al. The place had more immigrants from different parts of the world working there than anybody originally from Dubai. The land of Black Gold is truly class apart. The extravagant shopping malls, spectacular sky rises, lively and loud night life, the man made islands and all the riches their government can afford to splurge every time to beautify the country.

Here’s hoping my pictures from the trip will be able to exude the radiance and warmth of Dubai that I have tried capturing with the help of my humble camera.

The path of royal palms | Sheikh’s palace gate.
Soaking below the seven stars
Man Made surreal
Endless chambers and twigs to light to guide
Lantern v/s the daylight
Chambers Uninhabited
Corner Unused
Old but resilient
Lights to guide
A distant shadow
Road less taken
Beautiful, but, gratitude to none
Bed of…

These are pictures of Dubai during the day, more in the next post.

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