Delpi Cafe in Uluwatu, BALI

Delpi Cafe Uluwatu Beach Bali

Cliff-guarded views from Delpi Cafe Uluwatu



About Delpi Cafe:

A warung (balinese cafe or restaurant) conveniently perched on a cliff with an unobstructed view of the rugged, cliff-guarded Suluban beach with an additional treat of witnessing surf-bodies skilfully catching some brilliant waves in the waters of the Indian Ocean. And, all of this while downing them chilled bintang (local beer) and coconut water, indulging in some Balinese cuisine and watching the evening sun blend the sky and water in surreal colours.

Delpi cafe in Uluwatu was our last stop and a rest spot after our Bali Beach Hopping endeavour to unwind and watch the dramatic sunset while enjoying our well deserved bintangs. After all the hiking and climbing to get to Suluban beach which was our last beach stop of the 8 Beaches of Bukit Peninsula in south Bali (more about which you can read HERE), we climbed little further up the stairs from the hidden beach in the caves to discover this rustic little balinese cafe.Delpi cafe is definitely not one of your posh restaurants even though it does have one of the best unobstructed and five star worthy view amongst all the warungs, bars and restaurants around the place. It also comes with rickety chairs and tables, average food and definitely not an advocate of good hygiene.  However, everything from food and drinks to renting lounges with umbrellas are pretty reasonably priced for any one. Popularised for it’s view and hidden aspect of the cafe it does get a little crowded around sun down and especially with surfers during low tides when they are not in the waters.


How to get to Delpi Cafe?

  • Hidden or not it is pretty easy to get to the cafe, with a lot of huffing and puffing from hiking all the rugged steps carved into the rocks. However, at every step the stunning view, blaring music from the warungs and lively crowd will keep you company.
  • Get down and follow through the main path taking you to the Uluwatu/Suluban beach opening starting from the Single Fin Bar and restaurant once away from the main bike parking.
  • Once you are on the sands in a cave like rock formation, steer to the steep stone stairs on the left and keep climbing it till you come out in the open.
  • Upon reaching the top you will hopefully find a worn out board pointing you towards the cafe. Here on the top of the stairs into the massive rock you will find a gate to Delpi Cafe, get in for some cheap eats and drinks or to just watch surfers at it or you can head straight to the lounges to soak in some sun or just relax under the huge umbrellas.

Things to know:

  • LOCATION: Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia
  • CUISINE: Balinese
  • If you are planning to lounge or visit after catching a surf break bring your own towels.
  • It costs around 100,000 IDR or around 7 US$ for renting a lounge bed.
  • Beer costs around 25,000 IDR i.e. 2 US$.
  • Food costs around 100,000 IDR per person i.e. 7 US$ for a meal.


Delpi Cafe Uluwatu

On our way to Suluban Beach


Delpi Cafe Uluwatu Bali

Delpi Cafe


Single fin Uluwatu Bali

Single Fin on the top of the cliff


Bintang at Delpi Cafe Uluwatu

A well deserved Bintang


Delpi Cafe Uluwatu

Sun Set hour



Delpi Cafe Uluwatu Bali

Up From Delpi Cafe


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