Best Time to Travel to AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND

Pleasant sunny days in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

Let’s be straight forward for once and realise that the best time to visit Australia and New Zealand is when you have both, the Time and the Money. Both of these places are entirely an another world in Oceania (given the crazy flight time) with stirring personalities of their own that a pre planned Travel Itinerary wouldn’t do them justice if factors like weather and season are not taken in to consideration. Even though being a long way from the rest of the world, their amazing cultures, breath taking landscapes and great wines make them popular tourist destinations and in turn, overall quite expensive. Now, in order to make the most of your time and money in such places I believe it is important to keep in mind a few factors favourable towards you enjoying both the destinations to the fullest and what’s better than covering both the countries together and enjoying two different places with only one long return flight (in our case it was all the way from Dubai). Hence, these are a couple of important factors to keep in mind while travelling to AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND: CLIMATE and PEAK SEASONS.

The other side of the LAKE Tekapo


Seasons is Australia and New Zealand run opposite to the rest of the world. While the world is dreaming of snowy Christmas and layering up, Australia and New Zealand getting a good ol’ tan and enjoying the Oceanic waters. Australia is massive; when it is bright and sunny in Sydney an hour’s flight away Melbourne will be freezing and wet at the same time. So if you wish to do many places together it is best to go prepared with both your swim trunks and the beanie. New Zealand on the other hand does not vary in temperature this excessively but is usually a lot cooler and pleasant than Australia during their Summer.


While the world is dealing with the process of winter hibernation, Australia and New Zealand are gearing up for summer. School holidays around the world take place between December and January and this is the time when you will encounter every major Aussie city brimming with international as well as Australian tourists bringing in christmas and new years. New Zealand is not far away from Australia in distance and in this case. Rather, the country gets excessively commercial and prices for all the activities are hiked and even the food gets expensive.

Surfing Lessons on Surfers Paradise


Come Spring, the best time to travel to these counties is during the shoulder season that falls between early November till mid December. This is the time when tourists are less, lesser traffic on the roads, no queues to get a seat at the restaurants, no harsh sun, amazing weather for road trips and flight prices are not hiked. Oh did I mention it is then Lupin season in New Zealand! Unless you are planning a ski trip between July to August, then New Zealand is amazing for that in winter , but, Australia in winter can be quite dead. Otherwise, this one golden month of the year is sufficient for you to explore both these massive Oceanic countries as it was for us.

Early Christmas Decorations in Gloomy MELBOURNE


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