Best places to eat at in Luxembourg


We lived in Luxembourg for over 6 months and being such ‘food explorers’ we tried almost all the famous and must visit ones there. Here are a few of the many (literally many) restaurants that we loved and would visit often.

  1. Athena Restaurant Grec – Salads. Everything on their menu is delicious and a must try especially their greek specialty drinks.
  2. Chocolate house – Hot chocolate spoons. So many to choose from and take back for family to try.  We had the baileys one and dark chocolate.
  3. Restaurant New Delhi – Indian Food. Authentic Indian Cooking and extremely friendly owners.
  4. Oberweis – Desserts and savory tarts. From Belgium Chocolates and cakes to soups and sandwiches. This place was a frequent for ‘fast take away lucheons’ in the gardens.
  5. Darjeeling Reataurant – Chicken Momos. This tibetan restaurant makes the most delicious and authentic chicken momos (dumplings) and are generous with their serving.
  6. La Lorraine – Pizzas and steaks. We loved their pepperoni and arugula pizza with some Pinot gris or noir.
  7. Mamacita – Blue corn Tacos and sweet potato fries. We were obsessed with the food here and if not any one must try this place and reservation even on a weekday is required as it is most of the time full. Authentic Mexican deliciousness.
  8. Cavalli Room – Cheese and bruschetta plates with recommended wine. Fancy fine dine place serving an array of delicious Italian food.
  9. Onesto – Artichoke Pizza and calzones.  This hidden gem is know to serve away the best oven baked pizzas in luxembourg. Their Tirramisu is to die for.
  10. EXKI– Healthy Lunch. Amazing array of go to fresh pre packed salads, desserts and sandwiches. We frequented the  place after we decided to go healthy from all the bingeing.
  11. Veneziano Gelateria – Dark chocolate and coffee ice cream. Always crowded in summer and are open till late evening. 
  12. Thai Celadon – Red thai curry, pad thai and papaya salad. We really enjoy the complimentary prawn crackers and in our opinion this place has the best thai food inn the city. It is situated in the central of old Luxembourg city, but hidden just around a street corner. First-timers should try and use a map to get there.There are tons of other bars and restaurants you can try in Luxembourg. Just follow the crowd and if you are being made to wait, you are in the right place. The above were few of our favourites and we always turned back to them for comfort.

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    1. Oh Casemates is charming. I am sure you guys had a great time there. Regardless of what I wrote as I have lived in Luxembourg for 6 months and we are big time foodies; McDonalds is sometimes much needed for survival!

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