Cozy GHENT, Belgium

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In less than an hour we checked into our hotel in Ghent which was a good 20 min tram ride away from the main town or the centre place. We knew we would indulge in some Belgium beer sampling (did I mention the beer here is fantastic?) and it is never worth the risk driving then. So we left our car at the hotel and tram-ed it till the Gent Dampoort station, closest to the centre place. The tram ride itself was rather delightful, passing through narrow alleyways and pretty houses with cafés and boutiques.

We started by getting us some of that delicious Belgium beer and croquettes in one of the many quirky bars here. The town has some stunning canal-side architecture and a lot of medieval buildings which makes for a great view while cozily basking with a mug of draft. After touring the very prominent Gravensteen Castle on the bank of the canal we explored the town on foot, all evening.

Ghent homes the largest University in West Flanders. Thus, the city is home to a lot of university crowd, it becomes quite the party hub on weekends and most of the places (bars and clubs) get crowded very quickly. So if you spot a seat at a bar, never let go. Most of the evening into the night we bar hopped and enjoyed the vibe of the place. Our best picks were a number of lively bars by the canal side with some great music, sunset and the flavourful beer. Happily sorted we got our tram back and crashed for the night. The next day after wrapping breakfast we were headed to the romantic city of Bruges. 

Ghent feels cozy with the medieval architecture and narrow alleyways. At the same time it felt vibrant with all the street art and quirky themed bars. Or maybe, it was the endless beer giving us all the feels. We can’t really remember.

Important tip; In Belgium at the restaurants/bars ask the waiter to recommend you a beer, they will be the best ones and mostly different at every bar or restaurant.

Things To Do in Ghent:

  1. Belgium Beer

  2. Croquettes

  3. Gravensteen Castle

  4. Canal Ride

  5. Pubs and Clubs

Now you know why I did not have much to write about Ghent, as following events eventually got hazy. Hopefully  you will enjoy the pictures and the town itself is truly stunning and worth visiting if you did not have enough of Belgium visiting Brussels.

Quirky Bars
Gravensteen Castle
The Stunning Canal
Delicious blondies and croquettes
The clock tower
Cozy Streets
The entire town lights up after sundown
Canal side pubs and bars
Beautiful evenings here

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