A part time wanderer journaling her travel stories all while journeying and eating her way through the world with her one and only.

I am a Dubai based Indian travel blogger whose work and life hasn’t stopped her from aiming to check the entire world off her bucket list, one country at a time. My travel stories are based around experiencing the culture of a place highlighting their food and as much as possible jet-setting off to off-beat destinations around the globe with my globetrotter husband.

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HOW DO WE MANAGE TO TRAVEL: (Frequently Asked)

We do not have office-desk jobs or work for anybody, so planning in advance and travelling at our own convenience hasn’t been a problem. Though a lot of our work is done online, we are not digital nomads and have a permanent base that we love coming back to and have our family and friends around. We travel off of our savings and the little extra that we make yearly. This gets us to a minimum of at-least two trips a year or sometimes if we get lucky ($$$) we do more than two that year.

In all, this site does not tell you about the trendy; how to be a digital nomad or solo travel. Though, we have both been there, done that and it is an enriching experience in itself. However now, we are a couple of expats taking it slow paced at life while breaking the rules every now and then; got a home, got  a car, making money, saving money and taking off whenever we feel like an adventure is due.


I just LOVE creating content and writing. I think it is definitely responsible for keeping me sane and of course my two Masters degrees of putting down two thesis and submitting hundreds of assignments keeping in mind the school’s strict plagiarism rules are responsible for developing my writing, reporting and research skills.

I have traveled to thrity+ countries in the past eight years of my travel experiences and lived in five. Gaurav who has already been to 45 countries and has backpacked across South-East Asia and Europe, has been the perfect partner in crime to all our adventures and in creating this travel website to give aspiring travellers an insight of what our life is like on the road away from the comforts of swanky Dubai.


Within this website, you will find interpreted snippets from our colourful and absolutely non-fictitious travel life, glimpses of my budding passion for photography and more often, my first hand and transparent opinion about the parts of the globe we manage to cover within this life time. And, of course discover a ton of fun things to do as a couple during your travel destination wise.

If you get around to reading more than couple of articles in this blog, you will realise my emphasis on food while travelling. Travelling to a new place and leaving without experiencing new flavours and challenging our deep rooted Indian palates with unique dishes is nearly impossible in our case. Even when we are not travelling we love cooking together and figuring out ways to incorporate newly discovered techniques and flavours into our daily lives, inspired from our travels.


To share detailed and informative posts about travelling the world through our years and years travel experiences to over thirty countries. It will be all about exploring more out of your comfort zone, travel stories, tried and tested travel hacks, tips, guides, cuisines, itineraries and recommendations.

To inspire YOU to Travel and go deeper in to other cultures through our experiences.

To let you know that YOU can make the most of a destination within a time frame when you getaway from the race of life to escape not yourself, but, just your habits.

And, a very public record of our travels for life.

More about ME:

A Luxury and Marketing graduate
A Content Creator
An Indian living in Dubai
An advent traveller, foodie and explorer
30+ countries wiser

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