What has been one of the most requested itinerary on instagram has forced me to come out of my writer’s block and do this for you. I have been lagging behind with my writing on this blog out of sheer laziness and Instagram just feels easier to update travel stories, engage with my followers and DMs are bae if anybody has a question. However, this has somehow made me realize that I immensely miss blogging. From here on, I will do all it takes to update all my travels and writing on this blog, if not for anybody it’ll be for you; reading this at the moment and for us as a diary of our adventures.

I intensely contemplated about whether to break up the cities in three different posts or keep it one long post and this time instagram poll was of no help. 40% of my followers wanted 3 cities in one post and 60% of you wanted to read them individually. So, I have decided to do this both ways. A summary of our itinerary in this one to help you browse through when on the road and a detailed post on each city will follow. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



Liberty Bridge| Budapest
Liberty Bridge| Budapest



  • MONTH OF TRAVEL: Early September

  • WEATHER: Sunny and Pleasant days with chilly evenings. Rained twice.

  • COUNTRIES VISITED: Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

  • ACCOMMODATION: Hotels and AirBnb close to the city centre.

  • TRANSPORT: Public transport and Trains between cities.

  • VISA: Schengen.

  • TIPS:

    Eat at local bakeries – You will go to heaven.

    Tap water is drinkable – Carry a portable water bottle and fill it up on the go.

    Try local beer – It is cheaper than water.

    Carry foldable umbrellas – Those tiny ones that fit in your purse or backpack.

    Wear Layers – Layering is trendy and so practical in changing seasons.

    Carry a thick jacket for chilly evenings and rainy days – Unpredictable European weather Gods will make it pour!

    Use Public transport – Much cheaper buying a 3 days pass to experience the city worry free.

    Exchange Money wisely – Read and understand the exchange rates carefully and don’t get scammed. Check out more than two exchange places before settling for one.

    Avoid touristy restaurants – They are rip offs and most of the food tastes blah. Walk further into the alleyways for local places to find cheaper beer and delicious food. Or just look up for exceptional reviews online. They are usually fool-proof and slightly expensive. 

    Tipping – 10% tip on total bill is accepted everywhere.


Also, this trip was a special one as it was the husband’s first birthday trip. Somehow, we have always ended up at home on his birthday and it never came around to make it all extra. However, this time I did not take any excuses and we booked those flights for 10 days in Europe; 3 nights in Budapest, 4 nights in Vienna and 3 nights in Prague.
We have been planning to visit this leg of Europe since forever (2015) and every-time for some reason or the other, it just never worked out. Be it the heat wave, too cold, no funds or feeling a beach holiday. Once we even had those non-refundable flight tickets booked and for some reason had to let them go. Come 2019, four years later it was now or never and to our surprise this trip turned out to be better than we expected.



A quick summary of the things we recommend you must do in Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and some tips. 

Gellert Hill | Budapest
Gellert Hill | Budapest


We landed in Budapest, fought our jet lag and decided to check out few of the sights and bring Friday night in at the ruin pubs.

  • Central Market Hall

  • Gellert Thermal Bath

    • If you are into swimming in the grandest bath and a spot of sauna, in the city in the city of baths. You may like to consider this place. We were showered and went in for a peek.

  • Gellert Cave Church

    • A church in a unique setting inside a natural cave.

    • This church is open Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm. However, when we turned up, the church was closed for mass for about an hour and half. That felt like a lot of waiting, so we gave it a miss and came back the next day.  Make sure to look up the timings or just explore the park and enjoy the view of the liberty bridge from the hill while you wait for the service to get done.

    • Mass timings: 8.30 AM, 5.00 PM, 8.00 PM and at 11.00 AM on Sundays.

  • Gellert Hill

    • One heck of a trek up the hill, with multiple view points to reach the top at Citadella. After the trek reward yourself with  some beer and a brilliant bird’s eye view of the city over the Danube river, especially to watch the sunset.

    • You can also get to the Citadella without all the extra effort by hiring a taxi or by bus.

  • Jewish quarter

    • Lined with pubs, ruin bars, restaurants and shops. Gotto love the way the jews party!


Shoes on the Danube
Shoes on the Danube Promenade


  • Chain Bridge

    • To crossover from the Pest side of the city to Buda.

  • Castle Hill

    • Funicular ride or a small trek up to the Buda castle.

      • Buda Castle

      • Faust Wine Cellar

      • Castle Garden Bazaar

    • Fisherman’s Bastion

      • Mathias Church

      • Fisherman’s town – For instagram-worthy colourful houses and cafes

    • City Park

      • Botanical Garden

      • Hero’s Square

      • Széchenyi Thermal Bath

      • Vajdahunyad Castle

      • Holnemvolt Park


Liberty Bridge | Budapest
Liberty Bridge | Budapest


  • Danube Promenade

    • Shoes on the Danube

      • Heart breaking yet beautiful memorial to honor the Jews with sixty 1940’s style shoes, sculpted out of iron.

  • Hungarian Parliament Building

    • Visit the place after dark as well.

  • House of Terror

  • Margaret Island

    • Garden and baths.

  • Visit the sites after dark

    • Hungarian Parliament

    • Fisherman’s Bastion

    • Liberty Bridge

St Stephen’s Basilika | Budapest


  • St Stephen’s Basilica

  • Dohany Street Synagogue

  • Hungarian National Museum

  • Late afternoon train to Vienna

  • Stephanplatz – Wien City Centre

    • St Stephen’s Cathedral

    • Original-Sacher Tort

    • Wiener Staatsoper (Opera)


Micheal's gate
Micheal’s gate | Bratislava



This day we took a day trip of one and half hour train ride to Bratislava from Vienna and back.

  • Old Town

    • Historic centre of Bratislava with cafes, shops and colourful buildings.

  • Micheal’s Gate & Tower

    • Get to the tower’s sixth floor for vantage point. You will HAVE to buy a ticket for €5 and pass through a tiny museum in the tower to go to the sixth floor. Also, don’t forget to get your pictures taken against a medieval background and in medieval costumes, included in the ticket price. (Kinda rip off, but, view from the tower over looking the old town, was worth it).

  • Old Town Hall

    • For some beautiful medieval romanesque architecture.

  • St Martin’s Cathedral

    • An old Church right across the road from old town square.

  • Bratislava Castle

    • The walk up-to the castle is beautiful with and from the castle find a terrace view of Danube crossing border with Hungary and Austria.

  • St Elizabeth Church

    • Also known as the Blue Church. Standing pretty and blue, further away from all the buzz is quite a sight.

  • Slavin War Memorial

    • Situated on top of a hill has an incredible view of the white Bratislava castle and the city from above. Best spot to view the sunset.

  • Devin Castle

    • 20 mins by bus 29  from Most SNP in the city centre.

    • It is a medieval stone castle perched on a cliff with an extremely scenic view of the Danube.

Kunst Haus Museum
Kunst Haus Museum


Back in Vienna

  • Museum Quarter

  • Rathausplatz/city hall

    • Look out for festive markets

  • Museum Hundertwasser

  • Kunst Haus Wein

    • Souvenir shops

  • Schonbrunn

    • Garden and Palace

  • Hip Neubau District 7 

    • Cafes

    • Museum

    • Boutiques

Karlsplatz  Vienna
Karlsplatz Vienna


  • Naschmarkt

    • Go for brunch at Neni or grab a beer and to go meals from one of the many shops.

    • Shop for artisanal condiments, jams, oils and traditional souvenir to take back home.

  • Karlsplatz sqaure.

  • Palmenhaus

    • A coffee house in a glass house.

    • Butterfly garden.

  • Hofburg

    • An imperial palace.

    • A fun town square.

  • Das Loft

    • Go here for a sun downer and enjoy the stunning view of the city from above.

DAS LOFT | Vienna



Vienna to Prague by train

  • Old Town Square

    • Astronomical Clock

    • Old Town Hall

    • The house at the minute

    • Storch House

    • St Nicholas Church

    • Kinsky Palace

    • Stone Bell House

    • Jan Hus Memorial

Charles Bridge | Prague


Getting away from the hoards of tourist accumulated at the centre of the the city and escaping tourist traps from some quiet was all that we aimed this day.

  • Charles Bridge 

  • Prague Castle

  • Chotkovy Garden 

    • Loved the weekend market here.

    • Local wine and food.

  • Lennon wall

  • Letna Park 

    • Grabbed a beer and sat through the sunset over looking Prague.

    • Multiple tourist free view points for a picture.

Prague city centre

DAY 10

  • Petrin Tower

    • View from real high up.

    • Pay up for the elevator ride up, it’s worth it.

  • Karlova Street

    • Boutiques, cafes and vibe.

  • Valley of Thousand Queens (Rieger Gardens) 

    • Best sunset and  beer of our trip.

    • A brilliant way to call in the last leg before we headed home.

Valley of thousand queens
Valley of thousand queens| Prague

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