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Do you know the crazy number of brilliant International and Indian Travel Blogs that are out there all fighting secure a space on the internet, especially the new ones? To really know more about us and this website, head to the “ABOUT” section instead or check out my socials for a more one on one insight and to know more about our travel exploits.

Welcome to (best of indian travel blogs), a gateway to experience the world of part time travels from a couple of globe trotter’s point of view. You are here because you want to know about a particular place, working on an itinerary for an upcoming holiday, get to know me better, compare travel notes or just out of curiosity clicked on a random link (bohemian and all) and now you are hooked!

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All this website contains guide based travel writing relied entirely on first hand and personal experiences of top Indian travel bloggers. From journeying usual and off beat destinations from around the globe to exploring our Indian palates and discovering delectable finds, every travel story on this website has a couple of Indian Traveler’s perspective otherwise not found on the websites of many other Top Indian Travel Bloggers. We say it as we see it; honest and transparent travel guides with insightful hacks. Our work and life has never hindered our joint dream towards checking off every country around the world. This in fact has motivated us to work towards that dream, one city or country at a time.

We have been travelling solo and as a couple for over eight years now.This blog initially reserved for only friends, families and whoever interested turned out to be to an outlet of expression for me, a collection of memories from our travels and a journal of love and joy for travelling. Bohemian On the Run kept us motivated to explore and see more. I learnt more and researched better. Studied other bloggers and appreciated all the hard work that went into building a blog. It is a journey that we have embarked upon and let me tell you, there’s no stopping as with every post or article that goes up, my aim is to grow while producing better and more quality content solely for you.

On that note, if you have managed to get this far let me take this opportunity to thank you once again and I strongly hope that this website inspires you to fulfill that travel dream you have been holding on to.

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